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That a *** scam Promised to see backgrounds , marriages, addresses, financials, criminal records. Etc... Took money for a year, the asked for more money each month to see anything.. Whatever I saw was 10 yrs old address and a few people related.. That's it!! Then I called them for refund a few hours after I signed up and they refused to give me back the whole amount.. They kept first month... Scam scam !!!! Read more

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$ 15.00 intro offer turns into $179.40 and counting. DO NOT trust these people with your bank account info. they will tell you that you're wrong and WILL NOT CANCEL your account when asked to. they will keep charging addition fees to your bank account with out your permission. After being charged again for an ACCOUNT THAT THEY WILL NOT CANCEL. I had to change my bank account number so that they could not charge to it again. The product that... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 19
  • #868385

Jeff Tinsley is awesome, are you kidding me? He has come from nothing and has put together sites that though need work, are amazing.

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They will charge you out the a$$ , when you call you will get someone that can not speak English and then they will give you the complete run around until you finally lay it out for them that you will not be cheating out of your money, because they will fight to keep your cash.Your refund should take between 4-5 days try 4-5 weeks and you can call all you want but you will not get it refunded any quicker. The best thing to do is use any other... Read more

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Mylife - False Reviews and Unsolicited Emails
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I first received an e-mail stating my business had been reviewed. It showed a mediocre rating by the CEO of MyLife, whom I have never met not had any contact with in any way, shape, or form! I then started received e-mails (from the CEO of MyLife) referencing the number of people who have read my Profile or the Review. I have tried repeatedly to "unsubscribe", although I never even subscribed to begin with!, and the only option given is to... Read more

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Hi...I'm a blogger, and I have written two blogs on deceptive and fraudulent billing by Here is the blog that I wrote today. If you want to read the first blog, please go to So, here's the deal. I wrote and sent out nineteen letters to consumer agencies, news media, senators, state reps, etc. about unauthorized charges to my credit card. If you need to catch up, please read my previous post about... Read more

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Thanks for almost getting me divorced Mylife. People in connection with me that i dont even talk to!

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Some people have luck that isn't favorable and tend to push luck as I have to my own fault so exposure of personal information can look condemning. Personal records often do not expose circumstances involved with the eventual records and are often briefed leaving an awkward looking candle to hold in the public eye. Mylife is a terrible means with which to account for any one persons previous life and records are often swain to the writers... Read more

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I reported them to the FBI cyber crime division. More of you folks need to keep up the reporting, call your state FBI agency and report them !!! Shut this site down As Soon AS Possible. This site extorts your information, and request you to pay to get it taken down. In my personal opinion I think once you joined and have the information removed and cancel your subscription,,, they then will just put it back up and try to extort more money / fees... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 12, 2015
  • #714667

This guy is publishing information Of people without your consent and even gives you a rate. This is a bogus website I never signed for and it is clearly a fraud. I would love to sue the company for damages of reputation. Nicte Ha Wurts

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