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Their site created a profile of me showing criminal background alerts as if I'm a criminal. I couldn't work in my field if I had criminal records. My employer verified my record less than a year ago and I still have a job.

I knew better than to pay the MyLife extortion fee to see their report on me. Instead I searched legitimate sites including every court records site in every place I've lived, thinking someone might have stolen my identity. I even searched the national Pacer court records system.

MyLife claims they are getting the info used to show my "criminal background" from public records. The 'criminal records' are 2 minor traffic tickets that are more than 20 years old and a 26 year old not-guilty civil court ruling. My husband has similar records from 20 years ago but his profile doesn't have the shaming, damning "criminal alert" flag.

In addition to this, a good bit of the information on the profile is incorrect! What is provided includes birthdate, age, political affiliation, religion, marital status, vehicle, family members, neighbors and other information that could be used to target someone with violence. All is laid out there in an easy-to-find Google search result that leads to Last I checked, political views and religion really aren't in public records databases, MyLife. We have the Facebook and Google data breaches to thank for that.

To make matters worse, MyLife gives your profile a rating and claims you have reviews that I'm not sure exist. You have to pay $$ to view your own "report" to see them. I did not wish to give these crooks anything.

MyLife also adds a criminal alert to your profile if you have neighbors, family or friends that have a "criminal background" regardless of what the so-called criminal records entail. Their fine print on the background alert says that traffic tickets contribute to their findings.

I called their number (888) 704-1900 and asked them to remove my profile. I waited about 15 minutes through a sketchy caller queue message that tells your place in the caller line and how long you have to wait. They complied with my request to remove it, but my information is still coming up in the Google search snippet when I search my name.

They also still list the alert "criminal background" next to my name on my family member's profiles.

They are simply vultures harming innocent reputations by presenting misconstrued profiles of good people as if they are dangerous criminals. They then charge a fee to for the ability to edit your own profile and charge for other people to see it as if we're a Barnam freak show attraction. They also claim in their deceptive advertising to be the leader and the most legit of these background check scam websites, trusted by millions of users.

MyLife has already been sued once in 2011. I think it is a great idea to get a class action suit together and sue them again for defamation of character, slander, and libel.

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they are money hungry bad brokers. They feel they have importance. sue them for retailing you for showmanship

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