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I just saw my "score" on mylife? Are you kidding me?

I'm 57 years old. Criminal Record? Somebody "Anonymously" posted 'Don't be friends with me?' After 57 years GOOD. There is a very good reason that person/s is out of my life.

DIVORCE. Facebook? I've been on it since 2008. People I DON'T EVEN KNOW PERSONALLY can go there and "RATE" ME?

It's LIBEL, and it needs to be litigious! PERIOD! This company is fraudulent and a JOKE. They want me to pay them $15 to FIX this?

How many people are they doing this to?

Is anyone taking it seriously? Count me IN if anybody wants to sue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

Reason of review: Fraud, LIBEL.

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Yep. Taking action against them.


The owner is Jeff Tinsley he has all kind of criminal and civil lawsuits yet his company “MyLife” rated him 4.2 )) The guy is a notorious scammer. It is not his fault, if our government does not care for the privacy of its citizen like they do in EU.

This scammer has been in business for decades paying court fines and keep blackmailing business. Let us hope someone will teach him a karma lesson.


Same here....


I sent the following letter to them via certified mail: DEMAND TO CEASE AND DESIST On December 5, 2018, I tendered an email to your firm requesting that my “profile” on mylife.com be removed from your site. •At 9:00 am EST on that date, I receive a response email stating that my removal request would be completed within 7-10 business days.

•Nine minutes later, I was informed in a subsequent email that my information would not be removed. Please note that I vehemently object to your firm’s publication of a “reputation score” and find your firm’s opinionative claim of my reputation’s value as libel, defamatory, without merit, non-credible, and in violation Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681). Furthermore, as I find that the opinion of your firm is defamatory and is not protected under the First Amendment.

In addition, your usage of civil court records to develop a “reputation score” would constitute your firm as a credit reporting agency, and violates the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act in terms of openly publishing such score without my expressed authorization. Wherefore, I hereby DEMAND that mylife.com and any-and-all affiliated or associated websites, companies, or agencies IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST publication of my personal information, both private and public, in either print or electronic form.

Your firm’s failure to comply within 10 days of receipt of this will result in legal action where full and proper relief will be sought. I will accept communication via email at xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx or at the address above.Regards,


I'm a bit taken back this. I've searched and seen mylife before.

It was stupid but it didn't say anything defamatory. That's obviously changed since just viewing it today. I'm a CPA with other accreditations and consultant and my reputation is important to me.

To say that I've had an arrest or anything against my background is recklessly defamatory. Same can be said for my wife.


Count me in. I’m happy to cooperate. This company is clearly defaming me and will not stop publishing the defamatory information after I have sent numerous requests for them to take down the defamatory information.


Count me in, if you all file a Class Action Law Suit against Mylife.com My information is being exploited! Identity theft is real !!


If all decide to file a Class Action Law Suit count me in. They have my information just up there, Identity theft is real !!!


I just started dealing with mylife.com. What there are doing is totally illegal.

They have no right to claim lies. They have to be stop really fast.


Hey all....I've followed the proper channels to get my profile deleted. It contains false information.

It was all done without my permission. The reply to my request stated that "the information on each profile page is gathered from public sources" and "this information will not be removed as these types of information are considered "public records", which means anyone has the right to access them". They also told me I could call get "free member support". I'm not a freaken member.

I joined nothing. They applied false information to my name. I'm pissed.

If there is a class action suit, please let me know. Thanks.


these companies are not to be used for employment purpose or anything yes they advertise the *** out of you and yes they have 60 million people looking up some poor guys family that don't even need to be in anyone's business. who in the *** uses a computer to judge somebody anyway.

but the truth is I have a new record and yep I am all over the internet.

and yep I have a fair score and nope I have never been convicted because the courts are nicer then the average person. but to tell you the truth I am tired of being the advertisement for all of these companies


Count me in


Count me in too.


I’m in they have some pretty nasty lies written about me none of them true. I think I could help the case a lot


They attached my parents' bankruptcy to my name.


I am 58, never unemployed, never smoked, never drank, never been arrested, no felony or felonies, yet these idiots have so much erroneous information about me. They even included my neighbors informations and names.

I don't even know nor talk to any of these people. Who are you people to publish false information and legitimize it with unproven records? This is the most reckless site in human history. I accidentally stumbled into this site.

I will lodge so many actions to shut it down!!!!

Do not believe any garbage written by these sites. My skin complexion is even wrong and I am related to a woman I never met!!!!


I just opened a new business. Guess what showed up underneath the profile of my business?

MYLIFE.COM with CRIMINAL RECORDS for me! These people HAVE to be stopped!

My email is janream@bellsouth.net. Please contact me!

to Jan_2017 #1621182

Same. I have false information about.

I have never been arrested or incarcerated but MyLife profile say that I have. Even says that I am at Tea Party supporter which I am not.


Just found bio full of lies on mylife... have been getting calls from an unsolicited attorney to fix my reputation and get their *** about me off their site... add me to the class action lawsuit and my family will be joining me!

I too found the website known as mylife.com and was horrifed to see the false information that it contained about me. I deserve way more than a 1 star rating, and feel I am more of a three star kind of person.

Let's see if we can start a class action lawsuit and get us some monies. Then we will show them who's boss!

LOL good luck and CC me in all of the court emails. :)

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