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Came across this site, and it had my gender wrong, correct b day, states I have bankruptcies, liens, or suits, and a criminal record. I have over an 830 credit score, 20 years in management with the same company, and own my house, vehicles, trailers and more...

To have a poor score damaging my rep is undeserved and libelous. I searched again after marking it was me, and the score changed and so did my birthday. Then when I started a subscription as it encourages to see your review, it then wanted a credit card. I back away and searched again then it went back to poor..

A huge pishing and extortion ring. Jeff Tinsley the owner in LA has been sued numerous times including for the same practices on

How is this site allowed to continue??? He should be arrested for fraud and extortion asap!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

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I would suggest you all opt out. You do not want your boss to find comments about you by trolls.

Comments can give an embarrassment to you and anyone viewing this/it kind of can say you are a negative in the social arena. Or opposite.

I am glad most keep private private..but it is another way to collect information on you they otherwise can not get. information and sales is big buck and in a money world you get bulldozed


they have an opt .. if you have trouble with the online services just call them and point out were the url is and they will take it the way I have read their is a lawsuit but 60 million customers will not put a dent in their financial.

Me I just do not patronize the place because people change their numbers disconnect the email and move around sometimes the computer makes mistakes with names .sometimes it belongs to a different in the same name...people sometimes write down the wrong info to the consumer reporting agency.

see if you can opt out of the three consumer agencies. Also axiom this group is big on collecting and distributing all info.


yea gender is important how about we are all environmental bulldozes cow killers stealing the meat and milk ( drinking from their nipples) hunting for fun.. every thing not human is a pest. and be the kind of people that want to proclaim entitlement because we did not go against peoples laws...


good to know your credit score want to give out more info

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