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MYLIFE.COM is a SCAM!!! In browsing one day I came across this scam of a site.

In entering my name and searching, a message pops up in red writing that ***my name*** has lawsuits, liens & bankruptcies. Ummmm no I don't. MyLife is recklessly and falsely publishing that I have lawsuits, liens and bankruptcies.

Based on what I am finding out about the practices of this company, it attempts to generate revenue by publishing this false information about people in an attempt to sell reports to interested parties. The CEO of this scam of a company should be criminally prosecuted for fraud (and possibly extortion) and then sued in a class action lawsuit for libel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Why does GOOGLE enable these extortionists?


MyLife publishes incorrect information, and the only way you can correct the information is if you become a paid member. That is extortion...

They are not reachable. Their emails bounce their multiple phone numbers make you wait over 20 minutes only to hang up on you when it is your turn.


This type of service must be stopped! They are a serious scam company and if ever there was a reason for gov't regulation it is for services like these people.

What a scam is right. I have called their customer service number and been left on hold for over 2.5 hours as each time I was told by recording that I am caller #1 with a false hold time the line would mysteriously be disconnected! We are all at their mercy for issuing false information and then putting it online for all to see. This company should be criminally prosecuted and the privately held company owner or owners should be never allowed to operate a business again.

Since they're based in CA I have notified the State Attorney General's office and filed a formal complaint. Please do the same.


I had the same thing happen regarding the red marks. When I called they cancelled my subscription even though I asked them not to.

I told them I wanted to know what the red marks were about and they just told me they could delete my profile. I said I wanted to know why the red marks and that I was recording the call. They hung up. I called back and asked for a supervisor and then they asked if the call was being recorded.

I said yes and they said call back when you aren't recording. Nice reputation mylife.com


Agree. Worst ever.


I experienced the same thing.


Agreed! Total Scam


you can thank them for advertising your phone numbers and financial info to all.


Ditto for me...the people are not my relatives or associates!


my life.com has no site certificate, do not! enter ANYTHING on this site


I completely agree


How do you change or block the information? I know they are wrong but other people don’t and think you are a criminal.

Also a lot of other information is private I would never choose to disclose. What if there is a stalker they are find yiu and your family and your neighbors!


Totally agree. My report was incorrect as well. Don't waste your money.


been on the phone for 44 minutes waiting for a representative to demand they remove my info from their site. Clearly a scam.


Absolutely true. I found information on that was confounded with people I do not know.

None of the information sense. As a Data Scientist, I realize that this company is scamming people by recommending their services to remove damaging records that the company itself--MyLife added.


They stuck where do they get all the info they can ruin your rep. Search Donald Trump and read the slander then search Obama they talk about him if he was the Messiah.


Evidently, I'm dirt poor, making $30 a year per MyLife...

to PZ #1618886

I make under $10,000 a year and have a criminal alert in my background according to this website . It's complete BS.


I didn't know I was married or rich till mylife told me . Thanks mylife lol

to Anonymous #1610807

Same here! Not only am I married and make 100k - 150k a year, which is news to me, but I'm also employed by the company I left in 2015 (with a title I never even had...), have a criminal history (!), no political affiliation, and a very low reputation score though I've never missed repaying a loan, bounced a check, etc. Always learning something new about myself MyLIfe -_-.

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