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MYLIFE.COM is a SCAM!!! In browsing one day I came across this scam of a site.

In entering my name and searching, a message pops up in red writing that ***my name*** has lawsuits, liens & bankruptcies. Ummmm no I don't. MyLife is recklessly and falsely publishing that I have lawsuits, liens and bankruptcies.

Based on what I am finding out about the practices of this company, it attempts to generate revenue by publishing this false information about people in an attempt to sell reports to interested parties. The CEO of this scam of a company should be criminally prosecuted for fraud (and possibly extortion) and then sued in a class action lawsuit for libel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I didn’t even look I new these idiots were a scam What a bunch of dummies that get taken for this CRAP!!!!


Someone created an account under my name..it’s a scam and lies... so many evil people out there...

they should be sued and all go to jail... sick company and Disgusting


Agreed. I just paid for this ***


I really appreciate your feedback and your views on Mylife. I was about to pay this evening, when they were offering a “7 day Trial” for $1, but thanks in part to a quick thought of searching for reviews, I feel good that I have..coming upon this!! Thank you kindly Best of luck!


Obviously the public is aware this is a scam site designed to bilk $$ out of victims hoping to save their reputations. Big Con - report to AG in your state if they have libeled you.

to apclk #1610808

Thanks, I will be complaining to my state's AG asap.


Agree - this is a scam site filled with false information to get victims to fork over money to remove false information that does not exist.


It's extremely important if you have had issues such as misinformation about yourself on a MyLife.com page is to contact your state attorney general's office, here is the link for California: https://oag.ca.gov/contact/consumer-complaint-against-business-or-company While PissedConsumer does a good job informing people about deceptive website and services, the more complaints to your attorney generals office that more likely they will get shut down and that is what is needed.


Yes I am also a victim ... my ex husband who screwed everyone out of money and who wrote one bad check after another has a higher reputation score than me He is not respected in the community and here I am at 70 after a 30 year career in a lucrative industry still working 40 hours a week in retail to make up for the alimony payments I made to an alcoholic who drained me financially and emotionally and his rating is better than mine...I am going to sue My Life as all I do is work to support myself and yet they gave me an inferior rating.


Indeed, the practices of MYLIFE.COM are libelous and carry a risk of criminal prosecution. It is absolutely scandalous that this entity has been getting away with ruining the reputation of countless unsuspecting individuals for so long.

Their unscrupulous, fueled by greed "business model" has overtaken the most basic principles of decency, honesty, and civility. What a shame that anyone actually believes the unsubstantiated nonsense offered by MYLIFE.COM, and is foolish enough to pay for it.


This site is terrible and has incorrect information. Even though you can gather this a lot of information from different sites its different when they list it all together including net worth, your homes value etc...

how can they get away with this.

I had called and told them to take my info off the site I just looked and its back. What a scam


They need to be stopped


This is a scam. My profile shows I have an arrest and criminal records .

It also says I have lien and bankruptcy and related to someone which I have no idea who he is. They should held accountable for damaging peoples reputation.


Yup, I just say my profile on Mylife, and it says that I have an arrest/criminal record, with red exclamation point and everything! I haven't even had as much as a parking ticket in the last 20 years, much less an arrest or criminal activity. I'm so pissed right now!

to Joe #1583869



I have a similar story and would also like to be added to a class action case should there ever be one. This information on me is totally false and damaging to my reputation. How can anyone just write what they want and not be held responsible.


I agree with you!! See this Youtube video that's short but says what YOU say..

and MORE!! https://youtu.be/gn9LPtw2198


Mylife is a scam. Everything about my name is laughably incorrect except family member names.

I feel violated. Don’t believe 95% of what they say.

It’s a SCAM. Shame on them!


Mylife is a scam company. My name is Edward G Ciliberti, age 60 who lives in Pebble Beach, Ca as a Real Estate Broker for over 33 years on The Monterey Peninsula and owner of the historic Cannery Row Caboose on Cannery Row in Monterey, Ca.

I have a solid and very respected reputation in the community with no criminal record at all. They show another Edward Ciliberti with his middle initial T at age 77 who also shows living in Pebble Beach which he does not and with a criminal record and that he is the former owner of my company Bayside Properties of the Monterey Peninsula. They also include in his profile my photo which is quite apparent that I am not 77 in the photo that they are using. In order for them to correct the false information they have on me, they want me to pay a fee and will happily remove the false information on my profile.

I will be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau, NBC Nightly News and other news services for them to consider doing a segment on this scam company mylife.com Mylife is a SCAM ! Edward G.Ciliberti Real Estate Broker montereypeninsula.com Owner- Historic Cannery Row Caboose canneryrowcaboose.com edward.ciliberti@att.net 831.620.1802 Pebble Beach, California


This company is posting that I have a criminal record and is giving me a low reputation score....they need to be taken down for slander and blackmail!!

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