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MYLIFE.COM is a SCAM!!! In browsing one day I came across this scam of a site.

In entering my name and searching, a message pops up in red writing that ***my name*** has lawsuits, liens & bankruptcies. Ummmm no I don't. MyLife is recklessly and falsely publishing that I have lawsuits, liens and bankruptcies.

Based on what I am finding out about the practices of this company, it attempts to generate revenue by publishing this false information about people in an attempt to sell reports to interested parties. The CEO of this scam of a company should be criminally prosecuted for fraud (and possibly extortion) and then sued in a class action lawsuit for libel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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to Anonymous #1576779

Same for me, false information.


What it all comes down to, is that American citizens need a 'Right To Be Forgotten', like Europe has. Until we do, everyone will be held hostage to extortion rackets like mylife.com.

Currently, this issue if governed by 'Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) section 230. Congress wrote this in 1996, when they had no comprehension of how the internet would profoundly affect every American. They basically said 'search engines like google, have zero accountability to the individual, who's life is profoundly affected'. And google has hid behind this vehemently, saying 'not our responsibility' when extortion rackets of every kind destroy people's lives.

Why should a slimy extortion racket have more say in your online presence, that YOU do? Well, until we have a right to be forgotten, that's the way it is

to Tired of this #1544130

Opponents will tell you 'right to be forgotten' is censorship, but it's NOT. Under 'right to be forgotten', anyone can say whatever they want about you on their website(s) (still subject to libel, slander etc, for example, mylife.com could still have their profile of you, but people would *have to go the the mylife.com website to look you up*), but they can't index their slander to *your name* when your name is searched on search engines in general - THAT is what gives extortionists their power, that they affect your impressions to the world when your name is searched.

to Tired of this #1544135

challenge what I've said for yourself, but if you agree with me, contact your congressman and senators, as well as your state reps - they act when they hear from their citizens, but never act on silence


Total Lies! Wrong relatives - wrong employment info - Never had a judgement - Absolute BS!

And they are the ones spreading the false information while wanting to charge us for protecting our reputation! Disgusted and pissed off!


We should organize a class action mega law suit. Constitutional rights are being violated.

Amendments 4, 5. 14 and 10 are all relevant.

Federal Privacy laws seemingly mean nothing. Mick

to Mck #1540006

Where do I sign? Total BS


I totally agree!!I just got a phony statement from Mylife.com in the mail claiming my reputation score went down by 29 percent.it also stated that I should got to the web site log in to see the cause of this.I googled mylife.com scam and found endless stories of similar claims that Mylife.com publishes false information and allows anyone to review or make negative comments that could negatively impact a person's life.these reputation notification alerts by mylife.com are attempts to lure a sucker into paying money to correct the false information that has been published about them.Yes this website/company should be criminally investigated and shut down!


I never even made an acount to this webite


I followed the advice listed in this video (https://www.privacyduck.com/mylife-com-opt-out-deletion-instructions-from-privacyduck/) and I was able to get all of my information removed within a day.Don't pay for anything. Contact MyLife from an anonymous email address you don't use for anything else.

Alter that script slightly to put it in your own words, but still hit all the required elements. Be kind and respectful (I know it's hard when dealing with scum).It works.


Jeffrey Tinsley from California owns this POS company putting out wrong info on anyone it can.He really deserves to be strung up or have some lead in his head. MYLIFE.COMShould Be Called BullSh*t.com


I was getting calls about people from various police/court groups that I do not know and never heard of. I decided to look myself up on the computer and discovered this list of people that I do not know, heard of, or seen.

Not only that, there was so much false information about me......especially about my job. I have never been a manager in my life, let along of some chemical company whose name I cannot pronounce.

That website should be shut down.A. Mary Williams


When Europeans and their private data are being protected by GDPR, US consumers are treated like scumbags by real scumbags like mylife.com. We need to do our private data protection better here in the U.S.

to Michael H #1522630

give it a few yrs and the europeans will be caught up


My husband received an email saying there were people related to him with criminal arrests. He logged on and it said I, his wife had a criminal arrest history, scroll down and it says I may Be a sex offender.

I am outraged! What if my employer or future employer sees this. It is 100% false information! Not only that but my son was also listed the seamen!

He is just starting out his life and looking for a job! This could ruin him! I am calling the Attorney Generrals office.

They need to be investigated. They are guilty of Libel and should be shut down!


My brother informed of this garbage site. Same story, they list me with "criminal" record.

I am a CPA for god's sake, I think my license would have been revoked if that were the case. Yet, they missed the CPA license. This could have negative effects on my business if some uninformed user took it at face value. Had a couple traffic tickets over my life but not since around 17 years ago.

Nothing else, definitely not deserving of a big red warning stating I have criminal activity in my background.

This company needs to be sued for slander, a class action lawsuit filed that will liquidate the assets and distribute to the victims. Will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General of California.


I noticed the same thing about myself. MyLife shows my name along with an old Facebook profile picture, states that I have liens, bankruptcies, and lawsuits, and then even goes one step further to suggest that I “may” *** offender status!

Not that I do, but that I “may”. For the record I absolutely DO NOT!!!

This is a horrifying defemation of character! I’m contacting an attorney.


1800CALLFBI... The company is based out of LA. They need to be in jail with the owners of mugshots.com

Charles Louis

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has revoked MyLife's accreditation, initially giving MyLife a rating of D-, and later an F, statingOn March 20, 2015 this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to recent government action involving the business's customer relations which indicates a significant failure of the business to meet standards of conduct expected of a BBB member.


I will gladly join a class action suit against mylife. They refuse to remove me without pay and I never asked them to publish my information on their site. I never asked them to assign a rating system to my profile and I never asked them to publish my supposed net worth which is inaccurate.

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