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MYLIFE.COM is a SCAM!!! In browsing one day I came across this scam of a site.

In entering my name and searching, a message pops up in red writing that ***my name*** has lawsuits, liens & bankruptcies. Ummmm no I don't. MyLife is recklessly and falsely publishing that I have lawsuits, liens and bankruptcies.

Based on what I am finding out about the practices of this company, it attempts to generate revenue by publishing this false information about people in an attempt to sell reports to interested parties. The CEO of this scam of a company should be criminally prosecuted for fraud (and possibly extortion) and then sued in a class action lawsuit for libel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mylife Public Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I agree with you regarding "My Life"!!


I agree. I’d donate $100 to see everyone involved pay for the rest of their lives.


Mylife.com is breaking privacy laws by putting birthdates and private information and writing false information breaking defamation laws so time for attorney General & US Governments shutdown Mylife.com down permanently and class action lawsuits from angry consumers against Mylife.com shutdown the company permanently close this criminal company Mylife.com and prosecute the owner and mangement for criminal activity of breaking many privacy laws.


I just got done talking to an agent as my mylife "profile" came up with a "score" of 2.86% claiming I had a bankruptcy, lien or lawsuit and possible sexual criminal back ground. Also said I made less than $5000 a year.

I was in disbelief! I told the agent if it wasn't off in 5 minutes I would be getting a hold of my attorney.

I should have just got an attorney anyway. Such BS!


This company is seriously defaming one's reputable by sharing a bit of true information, and publishing outright libel and obvious untruthful information in the majority of their work. They also piggyback on legitimate sites, apparently.

We need to write to the California Attorney General office and let them know what is happening with their horrendous, sick behavior. It is inexcusable and also damaging to legitimacy.

My question: How can they be allowed to do this with impunity????

Perhaps, Google, should get involved and put them out of business, if that is what it takes.


I found today false, derogatory and wrong information on me as well. Luckily I realized on time that MYLIFE.com is a SCAM.

However they can and do inflict serious damage to people's lives. How is it that mylife.com is permitted to continue business as usual? How can people whose lives have been negatively impacted by mylife.com reckless and borderline criminal actions in my opinion be compensated? There was a class action lawsuit against them.

Does anyone know results?

What actions other than a class action suit (and there is already one) be taken? Any ideas?


How do you go about getting one started. I am deeply troubled about a new gimmick they have where they rate your reputation based on whatever criteria they have.

David O.

to WoodynVA #1428459

contact FTC (Federal Trade Commission) 877-382-4357


I'd very much like to know if there's a class action lawsuit against Mylife. My husband is listed with completely false info, which includes them calling him a criminal with lawsuits, and claiming he's a Muslim (he isn't). This can, and probably has harmed his ability to find employment in the past.

to mkhabir #1427817

I found out this is the same with me. I'm a female and this site lists lawsuits and sexual offenses.

they list a person who robbed me as a family member. did you know this is a foreign company doing business out of a PO box in Los Angeles?

to Mary #1522636

no i didnt know that. thanks for the info

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