Update by user Aug 28, 2018

Even though when you pull up my profile with Mylife, it now shows that the page has been removed, but as you can see from the photos that I’ve included below, when you do a google on me, it still shows my photo to the right of another Edward Ciliberti with his middle initial T and 77 years old. I have never done business with Mylife and it’s absolutely wrong that they are able to post inaccurate and false information including my photo under someone else’s identity! This is fraud !

Update by user Aug 28, 2018

After phoning Mylife they immediately removed both postings under my name and another with the same name but with the middle initial T. Still very unhappy how Mylife tries to get you to pay to have them remove damaging and false information on your identity and I simply refused. They agreed to immediately remove my profile after my reques.

Original review posted by user Aug 25, 2018

Mylife is a scam company.

My name is Edward G Ciliberti, age 60 who lives in Pebble Beach, Ca as a Real Estate Broker for over 33 years on The Monterey Peninsula and owner of the historic Cannery Row Caboose on Cannery Row in Monterey, Ca. I have a solid and very respected reputation in the community with no criminal record at all.

They show another Edward Ciliberti with his middle initial T at age 77 who also shows living in Pebble Beach which he does not and with a criminal record and that he is the former owner of my company Bayside Properties of the Monterey Peninsula. They also include in his profile my photo which is quite apparent that I am not 77 in the photo that they are using.

In order for them to correct the false information they have on me, they want me to pay a fee and will happily remove the false information on my profile.

I will be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau, NBC Nightly News and other news services for them to consider doing a segment on this scam company

Mylife is a SCAM !

Edward G.Ciliberti

Real Estate Broker

Owner- Historic Cannery Row Caboose


Pebble Beach, California

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I don't understand by what 3 day free trial means??? Hello! I paid by and all they did was want more


After researching number, I phoned them and they have removed my profile upon my request.


Yes they are I am filing a law suit against them. Join

mine is the worst. Please file with the BBB also asap.

to NeedlessWallaby #1548185

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I understand they are under investigation once again. ABC News did a story on mylife in 2011 with damaging information and evidently that hasn’t stopped them. Hopefully with more people filing complaints, this time they will shut them down

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